Operational Overview

The National Drug Council was appointed by the Cabinet of the Government of The Bahamas during February 1985 in an effort to accomplish a number of national objectives as they relate to drug abuse and drug awareness.

Some of these objectives included determining and monitoring the prevalence of drug use, educating the adolescent public on the hazards of drug abuse and reducing or eliminating drug abuse via cooperative effort between the Government and voluntary agencies.

Additionally, the National Drug Council is tasked with providing counseling and after-care services for recovering addicts, initiating forums for the dissemination of information and opinions on the dangers of drug dependence and drug abuse and the acquisition of financial assistance to implement the above mentioned programs and properties to further the aims of the Council.

Committee Overview

Education/Prevention Committee
  • To teach about drugs through the medium of Drama, Music, Speeches and Poetry
  • To prevent the spread of drug abuse trafficking and through the development of a localized Community Resource Bank that can be used for the tracking and training of individuals within the community.
  • To promote Alternative Activities
  • To work along with local Radio and Television stations to produce Documentaries, Public Service Announcements and other Educational Tools
Family Island Committee
  • To encourage the formation of Community Development Action Committees (CODACS) to assist with the Councils overall mandate of Demand Reduction Education
  • To prevent the spread of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking with the development of a localized Community.
  • Resource Bank to be used for tracking and training purposes
Leaders Committee
  • Provide training and skills for Teen Leaders who want to enhance their particular organization
  • To Create within Teens a sense of responsibility and a sense of pride for their accomplishments and their Community
  • Provide Outreach Service to: Church, Schools, Civic Groups, Organizations and Youth Groups
  • To promote Role Models
  • To provide hands on experiences for Youth and Community Leaders who intern train other young people.

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